Don’t Stop Now,” Cog Magazine, listed as notable in The Best American Essays 2019

Smurfs,” PICTURES OF YOU series, PANK Magazine.

The Goblin,” Red Light Lit. Print only.

Martin, Word Riot (defunct). Forthcoming in Drunk Monkeys. 

Bow and Arrow The Rumpus. (Essay) (Selected for The California Prose Directory 2017).

The Skinner Box The Weeklings

“Letter in the Mail” The Rumpus. (Print only) (correspondence/essay)

I Am A Bisexual Man: Why Is That So Hard For Me To Say? Buzzfeed.

That’s Life The Rumpus.

Notes from a Unicorn” The Rumpus. (Selected for Best Sex Writing 2013, RECOGNIZE: Notes from Bisexual Men, Notable Essay in Best American Essays 2013.)

Where I Write #13: To Walk Among Coyotes The Rumpus.

Shock and Awe Guernica. (Pushcart Nominated, Essay)

Meta: A Rumpus Editor Ponders The Fate of The Rumpus The Rumpus. 

At One Page Stories, “Paperclips.” 


Our Most Frequent Requests” Gargoyle Magazine, #68. Print only. 

Coyote in the Blood,” Joyland, 

The Crawl Space” Promotional short story for the release of the novel Harrowgate by Kate Maruyama.

Dead Cows PANK. 

Jericho Monkeybicycle. 

“The Shiny Lady,” Gertrude. (Print Only) (Pushcart Nominated)

Craft Essays

How To Make Your Family Proud” Lunch Ticket (Craft Essay)

The Art of the Overshare BLEED, from Jaded Ibis Press. (Craft Essay)

Wild Annotation Nation. (Craft essay)

Bring the War Home: Why Activists Should Study Fiction” Litseen. (Craft Essay)