A rant #2

Due to popular demand, I am posting these here as well as my Facebook! Rant beginning <<Now that the primary’s getting especially brutal (already), it seems good time to remind people that I’ll support whatever democrat with all I got because the mfer in power...

Dear Anderson Cooper

I’m reaching out to you because I want you to know that what you did was also a serious strategic mistake. For the sake of millions of LGBTQ people around the world – not to mention for the sake of our democracy, the climate, and the millions of poor people and people of color under attack by this administration – I hope that you recognize it isn’t too late to make things right.

Sometimes I go on rants

Sometimes, on social media, I go on rants. People have requested that I put them somewhere else so everyone can see them. So here is one! RANT BEGINNING<<I know there are tons of problems with Mayor Pete, but you guys, a major presidential candidate just told...

Why Do I Have a Blog?

Why Do I Have a Blog?

Good morning, world. I have decided to start a blog on my website -- earthshattering news for all involved, I know. Why? Well, first, I need yet another place to put pictures of my cat, Chewie. I also have this here so I have a place to make announcements, to go on...