RANT BEGINNING <<I’m at home with a fever, but I just had to write something … 

If you are one of those people who I can sense are thinking “Why does he keep going on about bi people–do they matter?”, just take a look at what is happening to bi Congresswoman Katie Hill. Look at how she has been systematically taken down in large part because of her sexuality. 

Take a look also at the new UCLA Williams Institute study that just came out showing bi women and trans people have a 30% poverty rate (bi men are at 20%). These rates are much, much higher than our cis straight and gay counterparts.

And there are so many of us. Like, if we had a state, we would have the same number of Congresspeople as Massachusetts. (Reader, we do not). 

If you are a cis gay person who has ignored me or rolled your eyes at me for asking to be including in your spaces, do you see now why I keep advocating for us? Do you see now why I get so livid when you dismiss me? If you are a straight person who thought this just has nothing to do with you, do you see how this affects you, too — how biphobia and transphobia in parts has its roots in misogyny and class and race? Are you starting to see how this works? 

If you care about turning this world around, are you starting to see how our battle might be your battle?>>RANT CONCLUDED