Sometimes, on social media, I go on rants. People have requested that I put them somewhere else so everyone can see them. So here is one!

RANT BEGINNING<<I know there are tons of problems with Mayor Pete, but you guys, a major presidential candidate just told his coming out story on a nationally televised debate BECAUSE HE THOUGHT IT WOULD HELP HIM. What world is this? Fifteen years ago, I worked in politics and sensed that I couldn’t come out of the closet as bi while working for a liberal democrat without losing my job (I think I was right, too.) I wish I had, though. You guys, being authentic in activism works … telling our stories works … humanizing the dehumanized works … now maybe let’s do this authentic storytelling humanizing activism thing for children in cages and trans people being murdered and asylum seekers being turned away to be murdered and bi+ people dying of poverty and illness and people of color being murdered by cops and poor people drinking poison water and dying. How about we just use what we learned and use empathy and storytelling and LISTENING to fight evil instead of being told to recite talking points and the same fucking people saying the same stupid shit over and over and over again. GOOD LORD I HATE TALKING POINTS. Because authenticity and storytelling and listening works. I mean WHOA IT WORKS.>>RANT CONCLUDED