The good news is I wrote a thing for The Nervous Breakdown about how awesome blogs are. I’m tired of professionalism. I’m tired of millennialism. I want the real right now. I want details right now. I want to be grounded. And for whatever weird reason, blogs are what are grounding me right now. Including this one.

The bad news is that there aren’t enough tests to help my dad. He’s stuck on a facility where there is a bonafide Coronavirus outbreak and there’s not a god damned thing I can do to help him. He’s sitting alone in that wheelchair, with the Alzheimer’s slump, with no one there to talk to him. I hope they are at least playing music for him, but I have no way of knowing. I spent today ranting on Facebook and talking with virologists and doctors and I think — though I can’t be sure — that the problem is unsolvable. There are not enough masks to protect the doctors in the ICU, not enough protective equipment. I was told “every test taken is a mask that’s taken away from nurses and doctors in the ICU.” We have reached the point where it doesn’t make sense to test the highest risk people because things are that bad.

Anyway, my jog today was similarly hopeless, but also peaceful. I ran by this half-mile line for testing at Elysian Park. I also saw this bird. The bird was pretty. What is it, an egret? I’m going to go with egret.

I’m super tired, everyone.

Today’s going to be short, but there will be more tomorrow. Love you all.